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best season to visit jaisalmer

Most people in India will know about Jaisalmer, and many may even have vacation plans for this location. But, these people have some common questions like when to visit, where to stay, and how to arrange accommodations. And this article will provide the perfect answers to all their questions. So, this will be the perfect guide for people who like to visit the golden city in the heart of the great Indian desert. And in this people can also know about the Jaisalmer tour packages available with different tour agencies which help them to plan their trip effectively.

The Thar desert is in the northwestern part of India, and the city Jaisalmer is at the heart of that desert, which makes it the best place to have desert adventures. And this will be the best place to experience desert life with affordable packages. Many have known about the desert adventures available in gulf countries, and now all those adventures are available in India and at a reasonable price structure. Other than desert adventures, there are many historic locations available for tourists to visit in Jaisalmer, making that city the best option for vacations.

Best Season To Visit Jaisalmer:

Though Jaisalmer is a desert area, winter is the best season to visit. In that season, from November to march, the temperature of the desert will not go above 24 degrees Celsius, and people visiting that location can enjoy all the adventures in the mild heat. And this season is best for visiting Jaisalmer with kids who can enjoy the desert with bearable heat. And full-sleeved clothes are the best option for people visiting that location. And due to the extreme cold at night, people can also carry their sweaters and caps to protect themselves from the desert cold breezes.

During this winter season, people can enjoy all the events and desert adventures available in Jaisalmer with various offers from tour agents. And the location and the nature of Jaisalmer will be so beautiful in winter than in any other season. These are some reasons that justify that winter is the best time to visit Jaisalmer with friends and family. People can plan their trip to Jaisalmer in winter for a desert experience with mild heat by considering these points.

Attractions of Jaisalmer:

The tourist attractions of the particular location make the place perfect for vacations and attract more tourists. Likewise, Jaisalmer has various tourist attractions, and the wild desert safari is one among them. Therefore, the tour agencies that provide Jaisalmer tour packages will offer a perfect schedule for the tourists about the tourist spots and adventures available in Jaisalmer. The Jaisalmer fort and Gadisar lake are popular locations that tourists must visit in Jaisalmer. Similarly, they should also try all the food varieties available in that location to experience the native food culture of the Rajasthan people.

There are two types of Desert safaris: camel safari and jeep safari. In camel safari, people can sit comfortably on the back of the camel and enjoy the admiring nature of the Thar desert. In the jeep safari, people can feel the power of the desert with the jeep’s speed, and they can also have an adventure by riding on the vast dunes of the Thar desert. These are the major attractions available in the golden city of Rajasthan.

Book Accommodations:

Since Jaisalmer is a tourist spot, several accommodation options are available, from budget-friendly stays to luxury rooms in the middle of the desert with air conditioner facilities. It also depends on the consumer’s requirements. So, people can book their necessary rooms from the official websites of desert camps and resorts available in Jaisalmer. Of course, people can also choose their accommodation, but online booking will be the best option in peak seasons.


All these details about the features and adventures available in the Jaisalmer will help people plan for a vacation. And Considering all these points will help make a perfect plan without any last-minute problems, and choosing Jaisalmer tour packages from agencies will also be the best idea for a tension-free trip.

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