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Auto Hotels


Do you want to travel while staying in style? Well, you can enjoy a lot of hotel amenities with no need to check in, parking as well, or queue up. If that’s the case, you can opt for an Auto Hotel.

What Do We Need to Know About Auto Hotels?

Basically, Auto Hotels are automated, self-service as well as smart accommodations. They are more convenient, easy to control, and offer unimaginable privacy. Talking about an ideal Auto hotel, we find that it has an elaborate Drive-through system that is meant for paying, booking as well and entering rooms. The control system is built to cater to entertainment, temperature, and lighting. The room service and security are controlled by voice on the phone in the room.

What Can We Learn from The History of Auto Hotels?

In the 1960s Auto Hotels started as motels for couples which were called love hotels. Currently, they serve different needs of different travelers.

The emergence of love hotels was in the 1960s. But, as a result of the lack of space and privacy in a lot of Japanese Homes, they were officially introduced in the 1960s. They were meant for couples to have a great time together in privacy.

Booking, payment, and access to rooms with no guest and staff interaction are done with the drive-thru systems. We should learn that Televisions and Radios, Beds as well and Bathrooms were earlier provided. Neon Lights, mirrors, and waterbeds decorated some of them in a magnificent way.

Love hotels grew in the 1970s when China, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Mexico, and Brazil adopted them. There was improvement in their amenities to include; saunas, Jacuzzis, fireplaces, massage chairs, and mini bars. Provision of karaoke, food delivery, video games, and adult toys were provided by some of them.

Love Hotels started being regulated in the 1980s. It was done by authorities since the public perception deemed them illegal, unsafe, and immoral as they expanded exponentially. They became subject to taxes, licensing, and zoning laws and were eventually banned in various countries. Leisure hotels, boutiques, and fashion hotels started being used to rebrand love hotels.

In the 1990s love hotels underwent an innovation and adaptation to suit raging competition from the other accommodations as well as evolving customer needs. The emergence of technology and globalization has favored the privacy, convenience, and flexibility of guests. Integration of apps, websites, and social media has led to streamlined booking and payments.

The popularity of love hotels is still visible today. They offer the same features and advantages that were inspired earlier on by them.

What Are the Pros of Staying at an Auto Hotel?

  • Guests have more privacy and security: they may lock and unlock their rooms with smartphones from their vehicles.
  • Time Saving and Resources: they have decreased their rates due to few staff available. Elimination of check-in, check-out, line waiting, and parking is known to save time for the guests.
  • More novelty and fun for the guests: is provided by auto hotels that want to explore exciting and new things. Rooms that are futuristic, adventurous, and romantic are readily available. They contain karaoke machines, VR Headsets, and interactive machines
  • Convenience and comfort: guests are offered everything they need at their fingertips. The rooms that are modernized, spacious, and cozy usually provide linens, toiletries, and high-quality beds. Guests may customize the temperature, lighting, entertainment, security as well and room services in their various rooms.

What Are the Cons of Auto Hotels?

  • Long waiting hours: can be tiresome for some people. Some people don’t like long hours so they won’t prefer auto hotels
  • Some people may not prefer auto hotels: since it’s not a preference.

What are Some of the Best Auto Hotels in the World?

Here are some of the best Auto hotels available in the world;

  1. Henna Hotel: It is a chain of Japanese robot-staffed hotels where robots can check guests in and out, clean rooms, carry luggage as well and entertain them. The rooms have facial recognition, voice control, and smart devices for setting up and ordering services. The hotel has a spa, restaurant, and dinosaur park.
  2. Zoku: Dutch auto hotel Zoku has large, functional rooms with loft beds, kitchenettes, workspaces as well as storage facilities. Zoku’s communal spaces may include meeting rooms, co-working spaces, game rooms, and greenhouses. Amsterdam and Copenhagen are the ones that host Zoku.
  3. Mexico’s Auto Hotel: Ritz provides luxurious and spacious rooms. The rooms have Jacuzzis, saunas, fireplaces, mini-bars, and massage chairs. Guests may have the control of lighting, temperature, entertainment, security, and room service with their phones. The hotel has a pool, gym, and restaurant
  4. The Pod Hotel: A minimalist, modern auto hotel in New York with bunk beds, private bathrooms, desks, and TVs. Pod Hotel has rooftop terraces, lounges, cafes, and bike rentals. Manhattan and Brooklyn have Pod Hotels.

What are Frequently Asked Questions About Auto Hotels?

The following are questions that people are likely to ask about Auto Hotels;

Do Auto Hotels offer security and safety to their guests?

Auto Hotels will definitely offer you security and security depending on your location and the fees you have paid.

Are Auto Hotels Reliable?

They are universally known to offer reliable services.

Are Auto Hotels Affordable?

The affordability of auto hotels depends on your budgeting. But they are known to be more reliable.

Final Verdict:

We can confidently say that Auto Hotels are a convenient way to travel around the world without any dispute. The services provided such as self-service, automated, and smart accommodations provide the visiting guest with privacy control and convenience. Elimination of check-in, check-out, and parking helps to save time and money. Advanced features due to advancements in technology also play a vital role in the convenience of guests. To the extent that you may use your phones while in the room. Everything is offered to the best of its capacity and we would encourage people to use Auto Hotels.

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