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spring break destinations

When spring break approaches, students start thinking about all those wonderful places they can explore during this time. Visiting an interesting place with friends would lead to making memories that last for a lifetime. If you plan things well enough, you will have a memorable trip. Once you decide on a budget, you will get a clearer idea about the kind of location you should explore. Spring break is the right time to visit places that are closer to water bodies and the kind that helps you beat the heat.

Here are some of the most exciting spring break travel destinations across the world:

Miami Beach:

If you like beaches, then visiting Miami Beach should be on the top of your bucket list. Miami Beach is the place where beach lovers from different parts of the world converge and have a good time. The notion that only the rich visit Miami Beach is largely misplaced. If you save up on a decent amount of money, you can come here during your spring break. You will come across all kinds of people here, ranging from waifish models to beach-loving families. The beach is in close proximity to several wonderful restaurants and hotels.


Jamaica has often been described as the heart of the Caribbean. It serves as the hub of reggae music and is frequented by artists from all across the world. If you love seafood, music, beaches, and waterfalls, then Jamaica is where you should head to during your spring break. It is a great place to visit for adventure seekers as there is no dearth of waterfalls to climb. Many budget-friendly resorts in the area cater to students and families alike.

Playa del Carmen:

You might have read about the exotic European beaches in your textbooks. During your spring break, you should make time to visit one. Playa del Carmen, which is situated closer to the Yucatán Peninsula, has become extremely popular because of its surreal white sand and turquoise-colored water. When you book a hotel near Playa del Carmen, you also get to explore several other natural landscapes and beachfront towns. As far as nightlife options are concerned, many popular pubs and clubs are closer to the beach.


Visiting the Bahamas would be a very good idea for those who have been planning to explore multiple islands and beaches during their spring break. The Bahamas consist of close to 700 islands and is the ultimate destination for those who love water bodies and a bit of sunshine. When you come to the Bahamas, you will also get to explore many popular spots like the Lucayan National Park and the Leon Levy Native Plant Reserve. You will also get many scuba dive excursions to choose from.

South Padre Island:

South Padre Island has emerged as one of the most preferred destinations to visit for students during their spring break. The beaches are open 24×7 and you will find many suitable accommodations, within your budget, closer to the beaches. Around the beach, you will also get to participate in many fun-filled and adventurous activities including kiteboarding. If you happen to wish for a South Padre spring break, you must get Inertia Tours to plan the trip for you.

Panama City Beach:

If you have been planning to visit Florida during your spring break, you must set a few days aside to soak in the magnificence of the Panama City Beach. While the pearly white beaches will be a treat to your eyes, the subtropical climate will ensure that you remain cheerful throughout your stay. One of the reasons many students visit Panama City Beach during their spring is because of the fact that most of the hotels in this area are quite affordable.


These days, when a large number of students think about heading somewhere during their spring break, they think of Cancun. The area suffered a major bolt in the year 2005 when it was hit by Hurricane Wilma. It didn’t take a lot of time for Cancun to rebuild itself and soon, it was back on its feet. In the Western Hemisphere, Cancun is widely regarded as one of the most affordable destinations to visit.

Cabo San Lucas:

In the 1970s, Cabo San Lucas was popular as the place where a large number of Hollywood celebrities headed during their off-shoot days. With time, this beach area became more accessible to tourists and now, you can spot a large number of students gathered here during their spring break. While there are many luxurious resorts in Cabo San Lucas, there are many affordable accommodation facilities for students and those traveling on a budget. If you are interested in golf, you can check out some of the many golf courses around the area.

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