By | July 25, 2019
Let’s Go somewhere it’s July

At the end of the scorching heat, here came the moths of monsoon. So, it is already time to step out now and go to the lashes, which is making the earth filled with greenery again. Are you not sure about where to make your trip this monsoon? Then start getting through some of the places that you can visit in these monsoon months and that would give you some overwhelming experience altogether.

Go to the hills:

  • If you are fond of hills, then check out the hill stations that would give you the monsoon experience at the best level. The first name that comes at this position is definitely Ooty of Tamil Nadu. The hill station, surrounded with Nilgiris coffee estates is having some of the best lakes and with the monsoon water flooding the banks, the greenery of the hill looks afresh and super green, as if nature is looking like covered in a veil of green.
  • If you are looking for some else color than that of green in this monsoon, then plan your trip to West Sikkim and visit the Yuntham It is having the largest and the longest forest of rhododendrons. With monsoon water, the glow of the same becomes even denser and that makes you feel much adventurous and romantic, while you look at the nature covered with deep pink veil – where she is felt to be the queen in the veils.
  • Visit Mount Abu, the small town at the corner of the Aravali range in Rajasthan. It is the only town that receives some rainfall in the monsoon in the state and that is closed with lakes for boating and some of the wonderful Jain temples surrounding the same. While you visit the extempore city of Rajasthan and enjoy its serenity, spare some more time and get to the lake city of Rajasthan, the Udaipur. The historic destination is wonderful to be viewed with all its lakes filled in the monsoon rain.
  • Visit Nainital in this monsoon and enjoy the fabulous lake beauty surrounded with hills on all side. Experience the beauty of the place by also closing the different waterfalls that are filled with monsoon water and pouring their nectar on the surface of the earth, while the earth seems to be drinking that nectar with all her thirst and the visitors find that her quench of thirst never fades off.

Go to the seas:

  • Going to the seas in the monsoon time is not a fair idea – this is the motive of many. They are right in some ways but India is a place which is having two coastlines that are opposing the directions closely. Hence while the eastern region experiences heavy rain, the western side finds less and with that flourishes her water bodies and also the lash marshes. Hence explore Goa this monsoon with her waterfalls filled with youth and turbulence and the forest regions unveiling their opulent beauty.
  • Another great place to be visited this monsoon in Kerala with all, her backwaters and wonderful serenity with green coconuts escorting you all the time and asking you – how you are. Visiting the Munnar and Kannur will make you speechless in this monsoon with their heaven like dress up, and that will make you feel that nature goddess is there in some real festive mood, changing her dresses every now and then.

Get to the cities of beauty

  • You can also get this time to the Karnataka and Ujjaini of MP. With excellent pious places at all corners of the state, you can get through the Vrindyas with here green veil, can visit the Narmada with her full stream and the Kauveri with her race to the seas. Beauty and experience of the religious destinations of these stats will make your words hidden in your memories, while the envelope of memories will only have the beauty of the surroundings.
  • Same is the case when you to Gaya or Bodh Gaya this monsoon. Weather is much suitable and less humid this time and you will be exposed to one of the most historic and religiously rich places of entre India.

Do not go to the extreme hills in the monsoon, as there you can face certain landslides in the mid and your trip can also be spoiled. Plan your trip now and get ready to set off.

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