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out the best forex bonus

Bonuses are the common concept for most of traders and some ones may know how to get benefit or support their trading with the bonuses. However, for the rest of them, bonuses are sometimes confusing. In this article today, I will show you some elements that are significant for your information and consideration; then you can make a wise choice about which bonus forex 2019 suite you the most.

 What can be focused when searching for the best forex bonus?

The process of finding the best forex bonus takes time and money; therefore, if there are any options can save time and money for traders they are preferred. Overall, the quickness of finding out the best forex bonus is the point when traders experience many kinds of bonuses.

How bonuses are sorted?

You have to understand about the forex before going to the details of the bonus types. The bonuses are the plan of the brokers to attract more clients to maintain trading with them. The bonuses are not very hard to gain. There are some simple steps to win the bonuses. First, traders need an account that is working on the brokers’ sites. Then the bonuses can be calculated based on the whether the account is new or old or sometimes they can base on the trading lot to present the bonuses. Bottom up, traders need an authentic account with the brokers, which is the very first requirement to win the bonuses. There are three types of them among the brokers now.

Welcome bonus:

If you are a new trader and look for a bonus that can be beneficial, welcome bonus is an option for you. In the opposite, you are an old trader; then welcome bonus should not be on the list of choices. Welcome bonus can be simply understood as the promotion for beginners who do not want a lot risks at the very first stage of trading. Therefore, welcome bonus is chosen as the training session. When winning welcome bonus, traders are provided a little amount of money to trade. They will not face a lot of difficulties with that, and can also learn about a lot of things of the best forex brokers 2019 too. Depending on the brokers, they can organize welcome bonus like no deposit bonus or original deposit bonus.

Deposit bonus:

If welcome bonus is not for the skilled traders, there comes deposit bonus, which is for all kinds of traders. All they need is an account and making the deposit. It can be the first deposit or the second deposit. Usually, brokers calculate the deposit bonus with %. This example will explain more about how they count the bonus. Consuming that you are given a deposit bonus of 50%, after making the deposit with the current payment system of the brokers, you will be awarded the bonus of 50% from what you have just invested. For example, you deposit 100$; then with 50% of deposit bonus, you receive 50$ and have totally 150$ in the account of deposit.

Loyalty bonus:

If welcome bonus is for beginners and deposit bonus is for all of  traders, lot back bonus is most awarded for experienced traders who have more lot traded with the same brokers for a very long time, which means traders with the loyalty for brokers can easily with this kind of bonus. As a result, this bonus is a tester for loyalty and also the experience of brokers.

Here are the best forex bonuses currently:

  • Best welcome bonus: 30$ welcome bonus of XM
  • Best welcome bonus: 50$ welcome bonus of FBS
  • Best deposit bonus: 100% deposit bonus of XM
  • Bonus Exness reviews: Rebate 2 – 16$ per lot of Exness
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