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Czech Republic

If you do not have a destination for your holidays, we’ll give you everything done. The Czech Republic has it all (and when we say “everything” we mean “everything”) to seduce you. But if you are one of those who keep days to make your getaway in autumn, winter or spring, you can not miss what the Czech Republic offers you the rest of the year. We give you 4 keys to make your trip unforgettable.

A walk through Prague:

Walking through its streets is breathing history in its purest form. There are few places in the world where Architecture condense so many styles and influences. You can touch the ancient stones of the Romanesque churches, admire the slenderness of the Gothic temples, glimpse the splendor of the main bourgeois families in their Renaissance palaces and discover the vibrant interpretation of the baroque style on the onion domes or their covers full of movement. Passing through the romanticism of the nineteenth century, the avant-garde has also left its mark on Prague. You will find beautiful modernist buildings, unique examples of Cubist architecture and some current projects, such as the Dancing House, which has become a hallmark of the city.

On a walk through this city jewel, you can see the house of Franz Kafka himself , the old Jewish quarter, the Chapel of Bethlehem (where Jan Hus preached in Czech), the iconic Charles Bridge , the amazing astronomical clock or its impressive castle. Keep in mind that Prague did not suffer the punishment of the Allied bombing in World War II, so the conservation of its heritage is excellent. For this reason, in 1992, UNESCO decided to qualify it as a World Heritage Site. Put on your most comfortable shoes and be encouraged to discover for yourself the beauty of the streets, squares and walks of this European capital with a cosmopolitan spirit.

One of our favorite plans starts in the neighborhood of the Castle. There you can wander through its cobbled streets and admire the Cathedral of San Vito, which began to rise in the fourteenth century but was not completed until the twentieth century. If your breath reaches you, go up its endless spiral staircase to its tower (in total you will ascend 100 meters) and enjoy a unique panoramic view of the city.

Then, you can follow your way through the Alley of Gold , where the guild of goldsmiths lived and where Franz Kafka lived between 1916 and 1917. Its picturesque and tiny houses are a hallmark of Prague. From here we recommend that you head for the curious U Luzickeho semináře, which is said to be the narrowest street in the world.

Then, we suggest you walk to the Charles Bridge, another of the symbolic places of the Czech capital, which connects the old town (Staré Město) with the citadel (Mala Strana). This bridge over the Vltava river is flanked by around thirty statues of saints. They emphasize the one of San Juan Nepomuceno, Czech religious who confessed to Reina Sofia of Bavaria. The king’s jealousy, Wenceslao IV, provoked his martyrdom and death. Since then, this saint is a patron of Bohemia. You can also find on the bridge the representations of protective saints of the different guilds of the city, such as San Cosme and San Damian, patrons of the doctors.

Once again, in the center, come to the Town Hall Square and do not miss the chimes of the famous 15th century astronomical clock. You will see a carillon of figures representing the 12 apostles, but pay attention also to the representations of other religious allegories such as greed, death, lust and death. When the windows close, you will see a rooster that flutters and sings. All a show.

You can not miss one of the most fascinating corners of Prague, the Jewish quarter . You will find one of the oldest synagogues in Europe that maintains its functioning. If you continue walking, there is Wenceslao Square, where you will pass in front of some establishments that offer you one of the wonders of the Czech Republic: the crystal of Bohemia. You can not leave without taking some memory of this material. Another important market at the back of Jewish quarter is furniture market. Just like UAE and specifically Sofa upholstery in Dubai is very well known for its quality.

The certain thing is that you choose the route that you choose, you are always going to hit in Prague. Let yourself be carried away by its architecture and its environment, meet it at your leisure because surely on your return home you will feel an irrepressible desire to return. It’s the charm of Prague!

A little leisure:

Prague has the perfect places to stop along the way. We talk to you about their breweries and their coffee shops .

The beer Prague is famous beyond its borders. You will find lots of establishments that make their own beer or “pivo” (in Czech), usually in its Pale Lager or Pilsner varieties, each with its nuances and its own personality. And you really love it, you can always visit its Beer Museum.

Coffee is the other pillar of Prague life. There are many cafes to sit calmly, enjoy a good coffee and watch time go by, it’s more than just a liturgy. Some of these establishments retain the romantic spirit or the Belle Époque, between elegant and decadent. The most modern are dynamic and disruptive spaces, which make it clear that Prague is still at the forefront of design.

And if you’re already looking for a show that elevates your spirit, do not forget to look at the Opera tickets in advance. And if you have occasion, attend the Black Theater. In a city where creators of the stature of Dvořák, Mucha, Klimt or Kundera found inspiration, it is difficult not to find stimuli in their museums and exhibitions.

And you have body of excursion, the surroundings of Praha are full of spectacular places to visit them in a day. Karlovy Vary is a spa town that is worth not only for its enclave, in the mountains, but for its beautiful architecture. During the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries there was a meeting of the European aristocracy, in search of the medicinal nature of its waters and the purity of its air. Its mansions, hotels, clinics and spas evoke the luxury of times gone by and one can guess key personalities, such as Goethe or Beethoven, strolling through its streets and parks.

We recommend you to get lost in the Colonnade of the Garden and the Colonnade of the Market and try the famous waters in the nearby fountains (we warn you that they have a metallic taste that you may find strange). For this, you can buy one of the typical porcelain jars that you will see in the stores of Karlovy Vary. The Vřídlo fountain is another enclave that can not be missed on your walk, as well as the Torre de Diana, a viewpoint next to the Grand Hotel Pupp. Take the funicular and take the funicular, where you can enjoy the best views of the city. Sure this getaway does not disappoint you, especially if you’re a movie buff: you’ll recognize scenes from films like ‘Casino Royale’ in the 007 saga or ‘Gran Hotel Budapest’, by Wes Anderson.

Olomouc and the charm of Moravia:

The spiritual capital of Moravia is a fairy tale city that will make you evoke legends of yesteryear. Its squares, its fountains and its fortifications tell the stories of the kings and princes who

They walked through this prosperous city located on the strategic route between Vienna and Krakow .

You can not miss the Column of the Holy Trinity, its castle, perfectly preserved, or its interesting astronomical clock. And do not miss the baroque explosion of its squares, full of monumental fountains.

And organize your agenda to make time for your museums . The Veteran Arena has the world’s largest collection of Tatra vehicles (Czech automotive brand) that with their unique vintage aesthetic will surely get you all the likes on Instagram. And for its part, the Čechy pod Kosirem has a beautiful display of carriages.

In the gastronomic field, the beer of Olomouc is very appreciated by the Czechs, as well as their cheeses, the only ones with denomination of origin in the Czech Republic. Olomoucké tvaruzky is a cured cottage cheese that is made in Moravia, which is very likely that you can only try it there. Take advantage and give yourself a story feast!

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