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Peru: Machu Picchu

Peru: Machu Picchu (historic site)

It is the site of the mythical Peru. I have had the chance to be in the Machu Picchu on the day of my birthday and this remains an unforgettable souvenir. This site is lost at the summit of a mountain in the middle of the jungle and I find that it is even more beautiful when there are clouds that flooding the ruins. It is difficult to imagine how the inhabitants of the time we were done to build this cited. Peru is a fantastic country for lovers of history. The Machu Picchu, classified site of the heritage of the humanity, is the main attraction of a trip but there is also all the sites of the valley of Cusco as Ollantaytambo, Sacsayhuaman, and also a few sites on along the Pacific as Pachacamac.

Brazil: Foz de Igaçu (natural site)

Brazil: Foz de Igaçu

I have had difficulty to choose for Brazil The site that has me the most marked. I have thus hesitated between the bay of Rio, the village of Paraty and the region of Salvador de Bahia. Finally I chose the Foz de Iguazu, probably the most beautiful falls in the world. It is necessary to imagine a fleet of more than 4 kilometers in the middle of a tropical forest populated by koatis with more than a hundred of cascades and a huge Horseshoe Falls. The site is classified to the heritage of the Humanity.

India: the city and the Fort of Jodhpur (site history)

India: the city and the Fort of Jodhpur

This city of the desert of Rajasthan has an emblematic monument it’s Fort which dominates the entire city, the Fort of Mehrangarh. It dominates in its 122 meters the city of which the vast majority of the houses are painted in blue. The fort houses behind its formidable walls several magnificent palaces in their external decorations but also internal with beautiful lace of Pierre and paints. Yes for me this site is much more impressive than the Taj Mahal. Explore desert state of Rajasthan by choosing Deccan Odyssey Luxury train for a memorable vacation.

Ireland: The Giant’s Causeway (natural site)

Ireland: The Giants Causeway

Ireland is a beautiful island for its different landscapes but the Giants Causeway still remains for me the site to see. This site is a good example of the volcanic activity of the Earth and these basaltic organs that plunge into the sea are quite exceptional. It must also make the grand tour and stroll along the cliffs that dominate the site. Attention to the tide if you do not want to have the feet wet, which was my case. The site is classified with the World Heritage.

Italy:  Assisi (historic site)

Italy: Assisi (historic site)

Assisi is a small holy city in the center of Italy which has a magnificent church painted, the Basilica of Saint Francis. This is probably one of the most beautiful examples of set of frescoes of the first Italian masters of the Renaissance with Cimabue, Lorenzetti and especially Giotto. It was just the impression that these frescoes come to be painted so that they date back to the 13th century. But for me, Assisi represents something more. In the night of 25 to 26 September 1997 a terrible earthquake shook the city and I spent precisely this night in a small hotel just in front of the basilica. The site is classified with the World Heritage.

Turkey: Cappadocia (natural site and history)

Turkey: Cappadocia

This region of Turkey is one of the most beautiful because it presents as much a natural interest with fantastic landscapes that a historical interest by the presence of the first churches painted cave of Christianity and several troglodyte cited among the sites most marking there is the valley of Goreme with its chimneys of fairies and its Rupestrian Churches, the cité troglodytic of Uchisar Castle and the famous valley of the love and its impressive chimneys of the fairies. The region is classified as world heritage.

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