By | June 19, 2019
Adventure Travel Places In Africa

Complete your travel diaries with African adventures when you plan your next adventure tourism. In fact, here’s a list of the best places to visit in Africa to feed your traveling and adventurous hunger in your belly.

1. Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda:

To begin with, try out the national park safari to see exotic wildlife. The world’s remaining 1/3rd of the Gorilla count are found here.

2. Serengeti National Park, Tanzania:

Again, one of the most beautiful places in the world in 2019 is this majestic national park in Tanzania, which you shouldn’t miss out any which way. With a count of 2 Lacs+ zebras and 3 Lacs+ Thomson’s gazelles, Serengeti National Park becomes a sight to behold in the summertime. Moreover, UNESCO has tagged it as a world heritage site. You can test your trekking, safari, photographic and other wildlife skills here for sure.

3. Lac Assal, Djibouti:

Lac Assal

This one is a saline lake crowning with the titles like the lowest point in Africa and the second-most suppressed land on Earth after obviously, the Dead Sea. You will find the adventures from all the across the world visit this place for scenic pleasure and the skyline view to find something that’s not already been written about this brilliant lake.

4. Ile Sainte Marie, Madagascar:

Ile Sante Marie is a long island in Madagascar, a perfect start for the adventure tourism destinations in Africa. While visiting this island, you can try simple water sports like boating, swimming, and surfing around the clear water. Moreover, you can try out the restaurants and refreshing beachside restaurants. Have the most perfect meals and appetizers they have to offer and talk to the locals to know more about this perfect island for your adventure vacation.

5. Rwenzori Mountains, Uganda:

Rwenzori Mountains

These mountains are the third highest peak in Africa to tickle the adventurous bone in your body. This mountain region has everything from the lakes, river, to valleys & glaciers making it one of the unique places to travel in the world. Moreover, UNESCO has it covered under the World Heritage Site title as it’s also the home for quite a bunch of endangered species as well as picturesque flora and fauna. So, don’t forget to bring the best photography tools while going on the treks in this mountain region.

6. Lake Malawi National Park, Malawi:

The only present national park in Malawi, is Lake Malawi National Park, which is also a UNESCO world heritage site since the year 2007. This lake is everything you need for a weekend getaway and a simmering adventure rush when you visit the coastline and bask in the beauty of one the cleanest green water. The mountain backdrops are just a cherry on the top. And while you take a nice, long swim or want to snorkel and sail around, you will find and explore many of the exotic aquatic animals under the lake bed. For sure, this comes in the best places to visit in Africa.

7. South Africa:

Do you know that South Africa is touted to be the best adventure places in Africa and also in the world? From kayaking, snorkeling, to cave explorations, and the love for aquatic animals, you can explore everything that’s adventurous in South Africa. Dive with sharks in Cape Town, tan your body at the Port Elizabeth’s bay or catch the penguin dancing around their lives in the Boulder Penguin Colony.

8. Cameroon:


Everything in and about Cameroon speaks about adventure and exploration opportunity for the Globetrotters. You will find the abundance of volcanic lakes, beaches, rainforest and out of the world rock formations in this country. In fact, this country is loaded with vibrant and cultural tribes like Beti and Pygmies. Get up close to the natives and listen to them narrating their history and challenges of the world.

9. Ghana:

With the most appreciable hospitability, white sandy beaches, castles and historic remains, you must visit Ghana, topping the list of the most beautiful places in the world in 2019. Here you will never find trouble to locate places with the strong and easy transport system, therefore you can go to more places in Ghana in comparison to any other African country.

10. Egypt:

Climb mountains like Moses, dive off the coast of Dahab and explore what’s in Egypt that belongs to one the oldest civilizations of the Earth. Go visit Pyramids, museums, local bazaars and sail along the riverbed of the Nile river. The list is endless when you visit Egypt to complete your adventure tourism.

Adventure places in Africa have attracted travel junkies from different walks of life for decades. And in 2019, you can start your adventure tourism with the most unique places to travel in the world mention above.

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