By | May 29, 2018
Travelling by a Plane in India

Travelling in India is a unique experience by itself. There is an innumerable number of travel options available in this majestic country. Travelling by air is an excellent option for those who want to travel across the country in as less time as possible. Six tips have been listed out to make the entire process hassle free.

# 1.   Take a print out of your ticket confirmation. There will be a massive security force at the gates and the checking in counters of the airport. They carry massive guns, and any lapse in security is almost zero. The only way to get in to the flight is by producing your printed tickets. Also, carry your identity card and your passport and visa in case you are planning to fly out of the country. Check the Delhi to Chennai flight schedule to buy your tickets and know your plane.

# 2.    Once you reach your counter, check in your bags that should be loaded on to the plane luggage trolley. The bags will be weighed and checked. There is a lot of security checking that goes on before the luggage is transferred to the plane.

# 3.  Check in your tickets and receive your boarding pass. In case you want to have a silent journey with no one disturbing you, or you want to see the majestic view of India from the sky, then you have all rights to request for a seat beside the window. In case you want to socialise with people and have a command of the entire row of seats, then request for a seat beside the aisle. The person at the desk will be more than happy to give you your desired seat based on availability. Keep your boarding pass safe.

# 4.   You can carry a bag inside with you, but there is a maximum allowable weight. Keep all your valuables, jewellery, electronic gadgets, and money in this bag. Also, refrain from keeping any breakable substance in the check in bag because these bags might not be treated too well. Point to be noted – food, sharp items like knives, and lighters are not allowed inside the plane.

# 5.   Another rookie mistake most non-regular fliers do is getting on to the runway bus first. You might get a seat, but during crowded flight hours, these buses might get full. If you have a seat in the last row, then getting off will take ages. The stack operation function comes into picture here. Last to enter the bus will be the first to get out. Trust us; this is a life saver.

# 6.    Make sure you get your carry-on bags stamped before entering. The blank flight tags must be attached to the luggage you wish to carry inside with you while travelling. The security thoroughly checks whether the bags have been tagged, you will be sent back to the counter in case your bags are not tagged. Another vital fact to know, keep the tags with you till you reach your destination! Another security check happens at the destination airport, and the tags will be scanned thoroughly.

Travelling by air is definitely a great experience, and could be challenging if you do not know the basics.

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