By | August 13, 2022
5 Places To Visit In London

You can be sure that when you search for places to visit in London, you will find one that suits your needs! The oldest and most famous city in the world has a wide range of attractions that will appeal to all types of travelers. London has everything you need, whether you’re looking to relax in a park or enjoy a lively evening at one of the many bars. London offers everything, from old-fashioned markets and avenues to modern-day concert venues and party spots.

1. Tower Of London:

From the moment visitors step foot on its grounds, they can feel the Tower of London’s historical significance and majestic beauty. The most significant stories and events in British history are revealed at this iconic historical site. It is located in central London and is Queen Elizabeth II’s Royal Palace & Fortress.

The Tower of London, bordered by the sparkling River Thames, is today renowned for its stunning architecture and craftsmanship. The White Tower and Tower Bridge are two other notable features of this monument. It is notable that the Yeoman Warder’s families still live in the tower, which adds to its glory.

2. London Eye:

London Eye, located on London’s Southbank is the tallest cantilever wheel in the world and a landmark figure in London’s skyline. Nearly 4 million people visit this wheel each year. This is a staggering number that shows the popularity of the wheel among both tourists and locals.

Each capsule is made from glass and makes up the wheel. One can see as far as 40km from the wheel on a clear day. Multilingual guides provide commentary on the amazing views of the city. The London Eye allows you to see Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, and Tower Bridge as well as other iconic London landmarks.

In 2000, the wheel was made available to the public. The original plan was for it to remain in public service for 5 years. It became one of the best places to visit in London due to its popularity. Tourists enjoy the thrill of riding on the wheel and admiring the stunning view of London over the River Thames.

3. Windsor Castle:

Windsor Castle is the largest and oldest-occupied castle in the world and is a famous tourist attraction in England. All tourists are welcome to visit it throughout the year. It was established by William the Conqueror during the 11th century. Since then, 39 monarchs have lived there.

The queen currently spends her weekends at the castle. Book Windsor Castle tickets and take in the stunning artworks found in the State Apartments or Royal Collection. These are located in two separate sections of the castle. This is the place where Prince Harry and Meghan Markle got married. It is the best part of the castle. This place is home to the most extensive and detailed dollhouse in the world, built for Queen Mary in the 1920s.

4. The Shard:

The Shard London was designed by Renzo Piano, an Italian architect. Most exciting places to visit in London. The Shard’s height is approximately 1016 feet and it is considered the seventh tallest building in Europe. It was officially opened to the public on February 1, 2013. It is a skyscraper of 72 stories with 72 floors. There are also a viewing gallery, observation deck, and open-air observation deck. It is close to other landmarks in London such as Southwark Cathedral and The Clink Museum.

Shard London also contains the famous 5-star Shangri La hotel, which is well-known for its excellent dining. The Shard’s top point offers a panoramic view of London, stretching up to 40 miles. Clear weather allows for 360-degree views of St. Paul’s Cathedral, Big Ben, and other landmarks. Tourists visit this spot primarily to enjoy the fresh breeze. The Shard was designed to be eco-friendly. It is made of 95% recycled materials and has triple-glazed windows that act as UV protection glass. This makes it very energy-efficient.

5. Warwick Castle:

Warwick castle has a history that spans 11 centuries. It has served as a family home, tourist attraction, and battlement throughout the centuries.

The castle was gifted by King James I in the 17th century to become the royal residence of the Greville family. The restoration of the castle included the Gunpower plot 1605 with Guy Fawkes. Warwick castle is famous for its ghost stories. One of the castle’s former guards used to torture prisoners. You can visit the historic grounds, beautiful interiors, and the mighty Trebuchet-the largest working catapult anywhere in the world by booking Warwick Castle tickets

There are also ghosts of tortured prisoners. If you are brave, you can go in. You can also enjoy other haunted tales about the castle.

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