By | October 17, 2018
Eight Things do in Nepal

There are various activities in Nepal. The eight most famous and must exercises are-

Trekking in Nepal:

A trekking excursion can be of any length, one can browse multi day hiking to multi month long trek. Be that as it may, a hiking implies a short trek in Nepal. You trek one day along the edge of Kathmandu Valley or Pokhara Valley, eat and rest in an agreeable to extravagant resort, and following day walk or drive back to city after breakfast. There are numerous mainstream short treks around Kathmandu and Pokhara Valley, which you can finish in one night two days, whereas there are different longer treks around Annapurna, Lantang and Everest region enduring from seven days to multi month.

Top Trekking Packages of Nepal

Peak Climbing:

Peak Climbing

Peak Climbing is another prime fascination of Nepal. The Mountains of Nepal have stood are compelling tourist spots for the world’s explorers since Nepal opened its ways to guests in the 1950s. Mountaineering can go from climbing the most astounding Peak of the world to climbing lower tops. Despite the fact that by Himalayan principles 33 “Trekking Peaks” are viewed as minor Peaks, they in any case give snow and ice-climbing, and are actually very difficult. Mountaineering groups can apply for allow at mountaineering area of the Ministry of the Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation or specifically contact to your nearby trekking operators.

Nepal Tour:

Nepal Tour

All Nepal Tour enables you to encounter Nepal so that you get a noteworthy photo of this amazingly various landlocked nation. Experience Nepal by making a trip to the significant goals of Nepal scattered in different corners of Nepal.

The tours are to the remarkable profundity and furthermore it involves all the grand and shrouded parts of the region of the visit. Nepal tours are ascertained with the end goal to investigate the exact region by isolating the occasion of general customers. So we recommend this tour for you as the augmentation part or simply little piece of your vacation. The most brilliant method for investigating various spots of Nepal inside multi day is plausible during this time tour program sorted out by Nepal Eco-experience.



Nepal is extraordinary compared to other goals for Rafting and kayaking on the planet. A progression of the world’s most exceptional waterway ventures is found here, extending from steep, unfastened mountain streams to great and huge volume wild campaigns with white shorelines for camping clean blue waterways, cordial local people. All these blend of fantastic streams, culture, legacy and view makes Nepal a conspicuous waterway sprinter’s goal.


Paragliding in Nepal is the most befuddling and beguiling visiting to enhance the circumstance the notable event of flying like a flying creature. The prime territory for such an observable experience action is the most well known touristic place of Nepal the Pokhara. The place is to a great degree engaging and has different spots where voyagers can get entranced by its sheer wonderfulness.

Wilderness Safari:

Wilderness Safari

Nepal Wildlife Tours could be the best alternative as the guests will have the capacity to watch the normal excellence of Nepal including the verdure. The outside venture sports into the wild to see wild creatures, greenery, fauna and regular magnificence. You can ride on the elephant’s back or on a four wheeler jeep as per your accommodation to see the nature and untamed life. From a tourist point of view, Bardiya and Chitwan are the most notable National Parks intended for untamed life safari in Nepal.



Canyoning is another established experience sport in Nepal for Adventure fun searcher. It’s increasing more well known for tin age tourist in Nepal. Moving in solid water running water falls, sliding up down in the Himalayan waterway and streams and swimming in new water precious stone clean water self with brimming with wellbeing by more than 5 years encounter Local master Nepali Guide it make totally unique occasions to you in Nepal.

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